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and quality through 3 generations

Certifications - please contact us for further information

BioZinc is a filling that consists of zincoxide-enriched lyocellfibers. Zinc is a natural mineral that prevents bacterial growth, and lyocell is a natural fiber made from wood. The function has been tested and certified by german, japanese and taiwanese institutes. 

Cell Solution Clima fibers are made from wood-based lyocell fibers that are enriched with a PCM material made from vegetable oil. The fantastic temperature regulating function is certified and tested by german institutes.

The fabrics of pillows are certified mite-proof. The weaving is so tight that it does not allow the passage of dustmites. This is certified by Hohenstein Institute in Germany.

All our products are certified according to Oeko-tex standard 100. No harmfull substances are used in any of the components. We have Class I and II certification, and can document the same from all our suppliers of materials.